Sleep is essential to every biological system and process in our bodies, from physical health to cognitive ability to emotional wellbeing. It is impossible to thrive without good sleep.

But RestWell provides more than just sleep. RestWell provides the benefits of Full Spectrum CBD enhanced with additional Cannabinoids and Terpenes, all tailor formulated to help you relax, rest, and wake refreshed.*

Science of Sleep

    Release stress to help restore natural and healthy rest and wakefullness cycles.

  • REST

    Get more out of your sleep with deeper, longer, more regenerative slumber.


    Wake with renewed energy and focus so you can be your best each day.

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Enhanced Spectrum

RestWell products are formulated with full spectum organic hemp enhanced with an additional blend of select cannabinoids and botanically derived terpenes tailored to aid the restoration of healthy sleep patterns.

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Relax, Rest, and Wake Refreshed


    Aromatic botanical compounds associated with various mood effects


    RestWell incorporates specific terpenes to help you relax and prepare for sleep

  • CBN

    Minor cannabinoid turned to more and more for a variety of benefits


    RestWell incorporates CBN to aid getting to sleep faster, deeper, and for longer

  • CBD

    Non-psychoactive cannabinoid used for an array of systemic benefits


    RestWell leverages CBD to make your sleep more rejuvenating so you wake refreshed

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Don't just sleep. RestWell.

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